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GEPCO stands for Gujranwala Electric Power Company Limited. The power supply company is responsible for supplying electricity to Gujranwala, Gujrat, Hafiz Abad, Narowal, Sialkot, and Mandi Baha Uddin. It’s been 20+ years since GEPCO served the people of these six districts. GEPCO provides physical copies of bills to every consumer at their door at the end of each month. Collecting the bills and then distributing them to a massive number of consumers make it impossible to avoid mistakes. To cope with such issues, GEPCO complaint centers are there in every region. Visiting the physical location of the GEPCO office could cause hassle, and it is also avoidable to see crowded areas at the time of the global pandemic. GEPCO, the power supply company, encourages its consumers to opt for GEPCO online complaints only. The process to submit an online complaint is easy and fast.

To submit your GEPCO complaint, a consumer has to

  • Visit
  • Select the option “GEPCO Complaint”.
  • Fill out the E-complaint form by filling in the following information.
  • Enter Your Name.
  • An Email address for follow-up.
  • Mobile number.
  • City or circle (the area where you are facing the problem).
  • GEPCO Division.
  • Select the complaint nature.
  • Reference number of your connection.
  • Details of the complaint.
  • Hit the “Register Complaint” button.

Other than filing an online complaint, a consumer can also call the GEPCO Helpline at 118 to tell the problem on call.

GEPCO Complaint Cell  

Although there are complaint cells in every region coming under cover of GEPCO. But GEPCO encourages its consumers to go only for GEPCO Online Complaints. Because the process (above mentioned) is easy to track, there is less chance of mistakes. Consumers can access the GEPCO 24 hour helpline 118 at any time, but if you are unable to reach the helpline, it is recommended to call the GEPCO complaint numbers given as:

  • +92-055-9200504
  • +92-055-9200516

The company has its head office in Gujranwala, where the complaint cell operates.

From the below table, any consumer can get the contact number of their corresponding area.

GEPCO complaint number Gujranwala                   055-9200505
 GEPCO complaint number Gujrat                           053-9260290
 GEPCO complaint number Sialkot                          052-9250693
 GEPCO complaint number Narowal                                    0542-412666
 GEPCO complaint number Hafiz Abad                   0547-523421
  GEPCO complaint number Mandi Bahauddin                        0546-520088

For the residents of each area that GEPCO is covering, the helpline number is 118. For the people looking for GEPCO helpline number Gujrat, please head towards the above table or call the GEPCO 24 hour helpline.

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GEPCO Complaint Cell  

GEPCO Contact Number 

Gujrat Electric Power Company Limited is lighting the house of six districts of Punjab. One hundred and fourteen sub-divisions are working for GEPCO in these six districts. All the sub-division offices have customer care centers and the official website state the GEPCO contact number for each subdivision. This article also includes the GEPCO main area contact numbers, including the GEPCO contact number for Sialkot, Hafiz Abad, Gujrat, Narowal, and Mandi Bahauddin. 

GEPCO Bill SMS Service

Cell phones are the need of today’s world, and it is almost the only thing everyone must carry with them. Hence GEPCO is providing its services to your cell phones too. Now, Gujranwala Electric Power Company Limited consumers can get the GEPCO Bill to SMS alerts on their mobile phones.  For the option activation, there are three choices a customer has. 

  1. Provide the mobile phone number to the GEPCO meter reading staff once they visit your location for the meter reading
  2. Visit the web portal for GEPCO and fill out the “Mobile Data Collection” form
  3. Note down the 14 digit reference number of the meter and send it to GEPCO mobile number at 03-330-430-111

Upon receiving your information, GEPCO will make sure that you will get every alert on time. 


Different power supply companies are working in Pakistan to provide electric power to the people of the country. In Punjab, Gujrat Electric Power Company Limited serves the purpose and meets the electric power needs of six districts, including Sialkot, Narowal, Gujrat, Mandi Baha Uddin, and Hafiz Abad. The people of such areas are concerned with GEPCO to meet every need of their power consumption. To ease the consumers, the company has an effective GEPCO online complaint system. The complaint system is easy and fast.

A consumer has to visit the company’s official website and fill out the form to file the complaint. The company is bound to resolve the complaint within four weeks. If there is a delay due to power failure, the complaint filer will be kept informed. Meanwhile, the consumer can use other ways also to contact the company staff. There is complete detail present on the website, including the GEPCO contact number for each area. In addition, the 24 hours helpline is reachable to every consumer. In case of further assistance, the GEPCO complaint cell could be accessed 24/7. 

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