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GEPCO Duplicate Bill – GEPCO Bill – GEPCO Gujranwala

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GEPCO stands for Gujranwala electric power company. It was formed in 1988 after the reincorporation of the eight AEBs (Area Electricity Board). GEPCO Duplicate Bill Print Online service is also provided by the officialGujranwala electric power company. All Pakistan’s electrical and power management and distribution is under WAPDA (Water And Power Development Authority). Wapda has distributed this task among several areas. Each area has its management authority responsible for generating and dividing electrical as we all power assets in that area. GEPCO is responsible for the degeneration and distribution of electrical and power resources among Gujranwala and all other nearby areas that come under the same jurisdiction.

The introduction of an online system in the management department of these authorities has revolutionized them completely. Their customer service has been improved. Now their consumers can get GEPCO online bills and GEPCO duplicate bills. They can have the GEPCO online bill view anywhere at any place on their smartphones or laptops. Moreover, they can take out their GEPCO duplicate bill prints anywhere and anytime they want.

How To Check GEPCO Duplicate Bill?

Checking the status of the GEPCO online bill is not a difficult task. GEPCO bill check has become even easier now. GEPCO still dispatches the original hard copy of the bill to the residential address of the customer. To check the bill online, the customer should have that copy of the GEPCO bill with himself. If he doesn’t have the latest copy, he must have an older copy sent in his name at his residence. There are many websites, including the official website of GEPCO, that provide the service of checking online bills.

To check the bill online, one must have a smartphone (any model), a laptop, or an iPad. In addition, the consumer must have access to the internet because, without the internet, one cannot check the GEPCO online bill.

To check the GEPCO online bill; the following steps should be followed:

  • Visit GEPCO Official Website.
  • Search for GEPCO Duplicate Bill.
  • In the field enter the reference number written on the hardcopy of the bill.
  • Press the enter key to proceed.
  • The online bill will appear on the screen
GEPCO Duplicate Bill Print

Download and Print GEPCO Duplicate Bill

The duplicate GEPCO bill is of great importance. Sometimes the original copies of the bills get misplaced by the customers, which is very frustrating. In order to relieve the customers from that stress, GEPCO has introduced this feature in their online service. The duplicate bill can be accessed at any place and any time by entering the reference number in the search bar of GEPCO online bill checking websites. The duplicate of the latest bills are present; instead, all the old bill duplicates can be accessed in this way.

One can also enjoy the service of GEPCO duplicate bill download. One can easily download the GEPCO duplicate bills and download them on his device. In order to download the bill, the following are the steps to be followed:

  • Check the GEPCO duplicate by entering the reference number on the bill checking website.
  • Click on the image of the bill and select the option of the preview.
  • Click the three dots on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Select the option to download the bill.
  • Bill will be downloaded and will be present in the file of downloads on the laptop or smartphone.

One can also get the GEPCO duplicate bill print. Isn’t it amazing? One has not to be in his home in order to pay the bill. The customer can randomly print the GEPCO bill at any place and proceed to pay the bill. In order to take out the GEPCO duplicate bill print, the following are the

Steps to Follow:
  • Visit the GEPCO online bill.
  • Click on the option of preview
  • Connect the device with a printer
  • Click the three dots on the top right corner of the screen
  • Select the option of print
  • Select the layout option
  • Pass the order to the printer to print the bill
  • The printer will print the bill.
GEPCO Duplicate Bill


MIS stands for Management Information System. GEPCO MIS is the website where the consumer enters their reference number and gets information about different procedures. They are fully helped in getting information about their billing systems, the affiliated banks, the staff, the contact numbers, and everything. They get information about how to install a new connection and everything.

GEPCO Tariff – GEPCO Duplicate Bill

Tariff is the extra charges a state applies on the price of each unit, considering their sector. Pakistan is a developing country. It is facing a lot of problems in the production of its electricity. But in order to keep the citizens satisfied, it continuously imports electricity from other countries. They give this electricity at a very low rate per unit to the consumers who belong to the domestic sector.

The cost of electricity per unit is slightly higher in the commercial sector, and it is even higher in the industrial and agricultural sectors. According to the tariff guide, the general prices of units used in the domestic sector are Rs 3.95 up to 50 units. After it, the GEPCO domestic unit price from 1-100 is 7.75 rupees. From 101-200, it is 10.06 per unit.


How to Get a GEPCO Duplicate Bill?

You can check GEPCO’s duplicate bill by inserting the reference number in the online bill checking website bar.

How to Pay the GEPCO Electricity Bill?

GEPCO electricity can be paid through all the commercial banks and their apps and websites. They can also be paid in post offices and NADRA collection points.

How Can I Pay my GEPCO Bill Online?

Through easy paisa app or jazz cash app. For GEPCO payment of online bills through these apps, one must follow the following steps.
1. Download the jazz cash app on the mobile or the device.
2. Make an account on the app and set the Pincode
3. Log in to the account
4. Select the option of bill payment
5. Select the company name that is GEPCO
6. Enter the details like reference number
7. Then select the option of adding a bill
8. Proceed to pay the bill
After paying the bill, wait for some time till you receive the notification that the bill has been paid.

What is the GEPCO Helpline?

The GEPCO helpline number is 055-9200545. They have their helpline number through which the customers can contact them and complain about anything or ask for any information.


GEPCO’s online bill service has no doubt provided the best service to the consumers. The facilities of GEPCO duplicate bill will help you smoothly download the copy of the bill, without visiting the GEPCO office.

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