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GEPCO New Connection – GEPCO Demand Notice – GEPCO Online Application

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GEPCO stands for Gujranwala Electric Power Company. The industrial ordinance of 1988 led to the formation of GEPCO. This ordinance declared that all the 8 AEBs would be further divided into different companies to ensure a good service. The corporation of AEB Gujranwala was reincorporated as GEPCO. They introduced GEPCO New Connection-Apply Online system. The company’s main aim is to distribute the electricity among all the areas that come under its jurisdiction.

Moreover, the maintenance of the electrical infrastructure of these areas, collection of the bill, installing new connections, and responding to complaints come under the responsibilities of GEPCO. Technology is progressing day by day. Pakistan also introduced the online system in companies like GEPCO to ensure that citizens receive good customer service. After presenting online bill payment methods, GEPCO introduced a new online connection installation method. GEPCO keeps the GEPCO demand notice while doing the installation.

In the past, the procedure for the installation of GEPCO’s new connection was very hectic and time-consuming. First, people need to go to the office of GEPCO to fill out the application form. Then they had to submit the particulars and get them attested. The staff from GEPCO used to pay a visit to the customer’s house to make sure that every information in the application form was accurate. Then the customer had to pay the fees in the bank. Finally, the user can get a new connection.

The online application for the new connection has made it very easy for the customers to apply for a new connection. They can fill out the application form online without stepping out of their homes.

GEPCO New Connection Application Procedure

The procedure for GEPCO’s new connection is very easy. It just requires the customer to be truthful and honest. To get the process started, one needs to have access to a good internet connection and a smartphone or a laptop. To get to the GEPCO application form:

  1. Open the browser.
  2. Write “GEPCO application form.”
  3. Open the application form.
  4. Fill it out and then send it to GEPCO via email. You can also pay the fee online.

GEPCO New Connection Application Form

Customers must fill GEPCO online application form to get a new connection. Before filling out the application form, make sure that you use your registered email. Follow the given steps to fill out the GEPCO online application form.

  • Open the application form.
  • You can either download it or fill it out online.
  • Enter the required details about yourself like name, date of birth, residential address
  • Attach the required documents with it
  • Please send it to the official email address of GEPCO.
The documents are not only about personal details like a birth certificate. There are many other necessary documents required. Make sure to have a proper record of these documents before applying for the new connection. GEPCO demands
  • A document showing the ownership of the house; you have to make the authorities believe that the address you have mentioned is correct. The house is yours so that they can directly contact you or track you in case of any problem.
  • A document showing the place ( mentioned in the application form) had no connection installation before. Sometimes people install a new connection, and then they enjoy the electricity for free. When they fear that the authorities might come and arrest them, they leave the place and run away. Then the authorities cut off the electricity supply from that house. Sometimes people buy a ready-made new house. So if the customer is in this situation, he has to prove that there was no connection installation before in this house. Otherwise, the applicant has to pay for the bills of electricity that he didn’t even consume.
  • If the applicant is a tenant, he must get a “no objection” document. Sometimes people install the connections without taking the landlord in confidence. To avoid any situation like this, this no objection form is demanded.
  • The CNIC copy of the applicant
  • The signature or letter of approval from a power of attorney to install a new company connection.

The documents must be attached online with the application form. Most people do not opt for this online application method because they don’t know how to attach documents online. To attach the relative documents following steps should be followed:

  • Take a clear image of your paper in such a way that every word is visible
  • Type pic to pdf convertor on the browser
  • Many tools will appear
  • Select any tool, upload the picture and convert it into a pdf form
  • Send hat pdf to GEPCO via email

Way to Apply for the Installation of a New Connection

It is the easiest way to apply for the installation of a new connection. The manual method is also not complex, but it requires a lot of time and effort. To get a new connection, the following are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the regional office of GEPCO.
  • Stand in line and wait for your turn
  • In your turn, ask for the application form. It is free of cost
  • Bring that application form bac to home
  • Fill every blank very carefully
  • Now in case of documents, go to the photocopy shop and get the photocopies of the required documents
  • Attach those photocopies with the application form
  • You can post the application form on the postal address of GEPCO
  • You can also submit the application form by hand to the staff of GEPCO
  • Pay the fees through the bank.
GEPCO New Connection

GEPCO New Connection Fee

The fee for the installation of a new connection of GEPCO is 3000 rupees. It is the primary fee for the consumers living in the domestic sector.

GEPCO New Connection Tracking

To see how much progress your application did you can track your application. To track the GEPCO application, follow the given steps

  • Open the browser
  • Go to the electricity new connection system site
  • Open the site
  • Select the application type
  • Track it

While tracking, you will get to know about the status of your application.

GEPCO Contact Number

You cant contact GEPCO by dialing the given number (055) 9200519

GEPCO head office complaint number is 055-9200579.

GEPCO Meter Replacement

Some consumers are not happy with the performance of their meters. Well, they don’t have to worry about it. They can apply for the GEPCO meter replacement service. Just like using a new connection, they have to use it to install a new meter. First, the staff will come and check the status of their new meter. Then the customer will pay them the fee for a new meter. Then the team will install a new meter at his residency.

GEPCO Mis Bill

To access the MIS of GEPCO, you must have an account on the MIS website of GEPCO. MIS stands for the management information system. It is a whole website of GEPCO just created to view the performance of the company. To see whether the bill is paid or not. To see whether the staff has started to take action on the complaints or not, this MIS will help you to find all that.


The installation of GEPCO’s new connection has become straightforward. It gives the application form online, but the GEPCO demands notice and GEPCO new link tracking.

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